Parents Forever™

“When a family goes through divorce, separation, or custody change, it can be difficult to adjust. Our courses and educational resources teach parents about the impact of family transition and offer strategies that help both parents and children adjust to their new life.” Parents Forever™ Website

Parents Forever™ is a 4 hour class that we break up in to two 2 hour sessions over a course of 3 weeks. Currently it runs on Wednesday nights and can offer dinner and childcare as needed.

Parents Forever™ has been a vital parent education program for parents since 1994, first launching in Minnesota. In 2014, our in-person program was offered in 19 counties in Minnesota and reached over 1,400 parents. In that same year, our Parents Forever™ online course reached over 1,500 parents in Minnesota and beyond. Now Parents Forever™ is offered online all over the country, being taught by trained facilitators.

Here at Morgan County Family Center we saw a need, a need for a class that was evidence based and covered the topic of the family transition. Working closely with the Morgan County Extension Office we were able to find the Parents Forever™ course, that specified in evidence based education for families experiencing divorce, separation or a transition.

This class is “Court Approved” and we run it free of charge.

For more information on the Parents Forever™ Curriculum and what it has to offer visit Parents Forever™ Website for more details.

If you would like further information or would like to know our next start date, please contact or Call us at 970.867.9606.