Smart Girls & Cool Dudes

The mission of Smart Girls is to empower adolescent girls to make smart choices and become confident, capable and self-reliant young women. Through its program structure, activity-based curriculum and mentor-led format, Smart Girl helps girls to:

  • Reduce vulnerability to self-destructive behaviors
  • Develop leadership, group and social skills
  • Learn and practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills

This activity-based program gives girls the chance to practice new skills, talk about what they have learned and focus on listening, empathy and understanding others. This mission is obtained through offering group sessions on topics such as Communication, Leadership, Critical thinking, Assertiveness and refusal skills, Anti-bullying, Health decision making and Smart media usage.

The Smart Girl program is a research based structure and curriculum that works with small groups of adolescent girls through nine activity based sessions. The nine sessions are very interactive in nature but with very intentional outcomes that focus on helping adolescent girls develop the necessary skills to make smart life choices, become more self confident, capable and self-reliant young women. One of the strong components of this program is the ability to utilize high school/college aged youth the become guides for the groups. These guides will also have the same opportunities for gaining more leadership, responsibility, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

This program is also now offered for boys and locally is called the Cool Dudes program. Smart Girls/Cool Dudes is currently being offered at Fort Morgan Middle School.

To find out how to offer this program in other schools/settings or if you would like further information please contact