Colorado Community Response

Colorado Community Response (CCR) is a voluntary program that provides prevention services to families who have been referred to the child welfare system, but ultimately are not required to engage in services.  Our CCR advocate helps families with goal setting, connecting to community resources, financial coaching, help with building strong family relationships and in some instances they may provide one-time financial assistance.

Participation in CCR requires a referral from county child welfare staff. A local CCR advocate will contact you with more information if you are referred for participation.

The majority of families felt that they benefited from the CCR program through the supports and resources provided. CCR families receive support in a variety of ways. Through using the Five Protective Factors* activities and services have been provided to support families in the reaching of their goals.

Some of those may include, but are not limited to:

  • Group Connections – Monthly or bi-monthly meetings are offered to CCR families. Each meeting has a theme that is designed to strengthen families. Group Connections are open to all CCR families, even after completion of the program. CCR families can stay up-to-date with current Group Connections by checking our Calendar for times and dates.
  • Parent Education – The Morgan County Family Center offers Partners in Parenting classes to families in the community which is available to CCR families as well as the general public. CCR also utilizes additional parenting resources to support CCR families.
  • Financial and other supports- Swim or Recreation Center passes or scholarships for children to get involved in extracurricular activities may be provided to help.
  • Books – CCR has a collection of books for children 0-18 to promote literacy in the home.
  • Financial Health information and education – This may include tips on budgeting, learning how to create a savings or information on credit repair.
  • Support – The CCR advocate is there to teach, mentor and support you.

A great part of this program is that it is not curriculum based, which gives it the freedom to really cater to the needs of each family in helping them reach their goals.

Here are some direct quotes from a few of the CCR families:

“The support I received from this program has been huge, and ranged from someone to talk to, to finding supports and resources in the community around me. The number one purpose of this program was also my number one concern, which was getting my kids the best possible care and support. I was reminded that I made the right choices and while I may not be exactly where I want to be, there are options to help me move forward.”

“I had such a wonderful experience with the family center and Jennifer Tweeten. They were kind, helpful and always there for me. Any time I needed Jennifer she was there for me. And seen me threw things. She was a great support for me during hard times. I’m so grateful for her and the program!!!”

“Jennifer and the resource center have been a major support for myself and my son through a very tough divorce and custody issue. She has excellent development and education tools. Jennifer has been one person who has been a stable resource for me. She understands the severity of my situation and has gone above and beyond to help find solutions. She is always patient and supportive with my son. She engages him and he looks forward to seeing her. I appreciate that she never pushes me into decisions, but instead helps strengthen my confidence and works with me until I am ready to take those steps.”

“This is the most caring, uplifting, and informative program for families! We gather and learn in a friendly and comfortable environment. I was and am still excited to be included in the group as a whole. The group connections created will last a lifetime.”

“My marriage of 12 years, and relationship of 16 years was over faster than I could blink.  I was left with my 8&9 year old daughters, our bills, no insurance, and lots of anxiety.  I was lost, scared, and angry.  I got a call from Jennifer at the Family Advocate Center, and I was in her office with my broken little family within a few days.  Our chats and guidance were a bright spot in my week during the program.  Some days I needed resources and reassurance, and other days I just needed a listening ear from a trusted mentor.  This program was an amazing resource for me while I found my footing again and I learned how to be the single mom that my girls deserved.”

Photos of Family Game Night April 20, 2017:


If you have received a letter and/or brochure in the mail, or think you may have been referred to this program and would like further information, please call 970.867.9606  or E-mail: 

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