Family Support Programs

Family Advocacy is the heart of Morgan County Family Center. Advocacy happens at different levels depending on the need of the individual or family.  Advocates work with families one – on –one to identify challenges being faced and a strength based way to address those challenges.  Through the family development approach, Advocates help families identify goals and action steps to meet those goals based on the challenges identified. Community resources and support are then provided to assist families meet their goals.

Ultimately the goal is to provide families with comprehensive coordinated services to help families become more self-reliant.  Advocates help connect families to a variety of resources including but not limited to financial assistance and health resources such as mental, physical, and dental and vision health care needs.  Advocates utilize the family development approach by focusing on helping families build on their strengths, taking charge of their lives and access community resources.

Promoting Safe and Stable Families

Colorado Community Response

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