Emergency Financial Assistance

The Center has funding to help individuals and families with basic needs such as rent, utilities, prescription medication and car seats.  This funding is available to Morgan County individuals and families and subject to the requirements in place by the donor.

Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) Requirements: You can apply to EOC any time of the year but only apply once per season (10/1 through 9/30), including when LEAP isn’t taking applications. EOC funds are distributed to limited-income households through community agencies which accept applications and approve bill payments. EOC does not accept applications directly.

You are eligible if…

  • you need help paying your electric or natural gas bill to an energy provider
  • you haven’t received help from EOC during the current season
  • you applied to LEAP but didn’t qualify or you need additional help
  • you need help when LEAP is not taking applications (5/1-10/31)

Energy Outreach Colorado can also assist in other ways as well. See http://www.energyoutreach.org/ to find out how.

For more information about the Low Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) click here: https://cdhs.colorado.gov/leap?&utm_source=reachlocal&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=semcdhsleapdec2020march2021&scid=3946915&kw=30418769&pub_cr_id=484139872949&device=c&network=g&targetid=kwd-330034023069&loc_interest_ms=&loc_physical_ms=9028940&tc=Cj0KCQiAvvKBBhCXARIsACTePW-ZmNYLdr_DJaLaGw–jlTZK6kn9ZQyN-mRmslqo81OkToTYoqIxScaAoYzEALw_wcB&rl_key=a861f359b4453d6d3cc6ffea4a126ede