FLTI of Morgan County’s Core Values

Family Leaders are Participants

Participants represent the diversity of Morgan County, Colorado as FLTI draws people across race, age, and culture. They are parents, youth, aunts, uncles, foster and adoptive families, active community leaders, and others who want to improve systems for children. Our FLTI site purposely recruits diverse classes so that participants experience a community made up of varied experiences and beliefs, and can practice coming together despite these differences, to create change. Classes will have up to 20 participants. Morgan County will have two 20 week training’s offered throughout the year.

Family Leaders are Beneficiaries

There is no single or special interest agenda underlying FLTI. The goal is to dignify the role of family and community leaders as change agents within community and government by building leadership capacity. During the training, participants use civic tools to address health and social issues that are of concern to them. Leaders learn about the tenets of democracy and their right to utilize government resources optimally in the best interest of children and families. Additionally, government, public policy, media, network building, evaluation, and the change process are demystified and explored.

Family Leaders Create Positive Change for Community

At the core of FLTI is the idea that FLTI is: Family Led, Family Driven, and Family Inspired. Change happens on behalf of children and families when families learn how to cultivate and sustain community partnerships. FLTI encourages civic partnerships that utilize the strengths of diverse community resources. FLTI promotes public support for partnerships with families, businesses, faith leaders, elected officials, community organizers, state and local government, and philanthropists.


For more information and to Sign up for the FLTI Program please visit FLTI of Colorado’s Website.