Family Leadership Training Institute






FLTI of Colorado is part of an international initiative that partners with communities to provide a 20-week training experience focused on self-discovery, leadership development, and civic literacy. FLTI is available to anyone who desires to effect positive social change for children, youth, and families in Colorado. Our curriculum offers a 2Generation approach, is non-partisan, and embraces the principles of diversity, shared leadership, and respect for the unique assets our participants and communities possess.
The ways FLTI improves community well-being include:
  • Encouraging meaningful public participation
  • Strengthening the social fabric of neighborhoods
  • Elevating the voices of those affected by inequities
  • Building on the existing strengths and and assets of communities
  • Mobilizing community partnerships to identify and solve social issues


For more information and to Sign up for the FLTI Program please visit FLTI of Colorado’s Website.