Tenant Checklist

Fort Morgan Tenant Training Event – December 15, 2019

Hosted by: Fort Morgan Cultures United for Progress (FM CUP), Morgan County Family Center, Local Landlords & Property Managers

Station #1: Kitchen

  • Operating the garbage disposal/calling landlord if clogged
  • Refrigerator use
  • Stove and oven use
  • Addressing drips under the sink
  • Dripping faucet
  • How to unclog sinks 
  • Microwave use – ventilation
  • Food storage under sink

Station #2: Bathroom

  • How to unclog the toilet
  • Addressing a running toilet
  • What to flush/not flush 
  • Shut-off valves
  • Shower curtain use – slippery floors/water damaging floor
  • Opening cupboard doors in cold months to get warm air to plumbing
  • How to use a plunger

Station #3: Insects/Pests 

  • Pests: mice/cockroaches/bedbugs/ants
  • Cleanliness
  • Cover foods
  • Mice: find entry holes/set traps
  • What not to use on cockroaches or bedbugs: grocery store pesticides

Station #4: Electrical 

  • Types of light bulbs
  • How to replace light bulbs
  • Breakers-main shut off
  • Extension cords
  • Thermostat use
  • Furnace care/filter
  • A/C care

Station #5: Hazards

  • Importance of maintaining contact and open communication with landlord. 
  • Contact landlord for major hazards, such as: broken windows, fallen trees or branches, no hot water 
  • Gas leaks
  • Running water or broken water line 
  • Addressing mold issues with proper ventilation
  • Awareness of peeling paint and child safety 
  • Garbage removal
  • Water leaks: roof, ceiling, under windows

Station #6: Emergency Services – Police Department 

  • Neighbor disturbances
  • When to call non-emergency numbers
  • When to call 911
  • What happens when you call 911
  • Neighborhood watch – helping neighbors

Station #7: Emergency Services – Fire Department 

  • Locating and using a fire extinguisher
  • Maintaining a smoke alarm/CO2 alarm
  • Creating a fire escape plan.
  • How to report a fire
  • What to expect if the fire department arrives.
  • Heating safety (candles, space heaters, etc.)
  • Kitchen fires

Station #8 (optional): Outdoor maintenance 

  • Lawn care – mowing, fertilizing, watering efficiently
  • Lawn mower storage/safety
  • Location of trash dumpsters/cleanliness
  • Getting rid of large items
  • Parking
  • When to call landlord: broken siding, broken glass, trees/limbs broken 
  • Water in basement or along foundation
  • Gutters

Station #9 (optional): Childproofing

  • Safety Latches and locks
  • Window Guards and Safety Netting
  • Safety Gates
  • Door Knob Covers and Door Locks
  • Anti-Scald Devices
  • Corner and Edge Bumpers
  • Outlet Covers and Outlet Plates
  • Cordless Window Coverings
  • Anchors to Avoid Furniture and Appliance Tip-Overs
  • Layers of Protection with Pools and Spas